Billy Rovzar, partner and founder of Lemon Films

Lemon Films: This is the year of our rebirth

Maribel Ramos-Weiner|29 de enero de 2016

Billy Rovzar, partner and founder of Lemon Films, attended NATPE to inform of the rebirth of a company that has existed for 12 years and has managed to have a complete reinvention. “After spending six years in a hibernation stage because we were not sure how the industry was going to behave in the generation and hunting of contents. We were literally stagnated observing what was happening: Blockbusters dropped, Netflix rose, what is going to happen? And this year is the year of our rebirth-and that's how we planned it to be- and we have already begun providing content for all these different platforms: Cinema, TV, theater, digital”, expressed Rovzar. Among the most recent projects, he mentioned the sequel to his second film -Kilómetro 31-, “That is a very successful horror film”. The second part will debut this year. They are also finishing the third season of a series with HBO titled Señor Ávila. “We are preparing other projects with other networks. We will start at least three series this year”.