Mayolo Reyes from Canal Once, Billy Rovzar from Lemon Studios and Jimena Saldaña from Canal Once during the beginning of the shooting of Paramédicos

Lemon Studios: Paramédicos is the most important production we have in the company
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|08 de septiembre de 2017

Two years after the end of its second season, Paramédicos is back with the third delivery to Canal Once, supported by the Mexican Red Cross and under the production of Lemon Films, with Fernando and Billy Rovzar as the main leaders. The latter assures it is the most relevant production the Company has and which will have its debut in March 2018 with 10 episodes.

During the beginning of the shootings, Rovzar was accompanied by the director Alejandro Lozano, as well as the general director of Canal Once, Jimena Saldaña, and Mayolo Reyes, Strategy and Development director of the signal, mentioning that public TV will continue showing first-rate productions.

“Canal Once has been the home for these paramedics, they return thanks to the demand of the audience and we want to continue encouraging the work the Red Cross does, as well as making the effort to place these big productions on our screen,” commented Saldaña.

Likewise, Rovzar highlighted that it is one of the most important projects for Lemon Studios: “This new season has a lot of action, new elements, and first-rate actors. It is a series we want to help grow. We must create empathy with those characters and stories of the people who get on the ambulance.”

The director, Alejandro Lozano, presented Miguel Rodarte, Gaby de la Garza, Rodrigo Murray and Ruy Senderos, as the new members of the series, that will be shot in Mexico City and the State of Mexico.