Carlos Quintanilla joins the Lemon Studios production team

Lemon Studios adds the producer Carlos Quintanilla to their work team 
16 de enero de 2018

As part of their bet to generate in-house content, Lemon Studios adds the producer and writer Carlos Quintanilla to its work team.

“Carlos is always looking for new trends, how to take what is working and not copy it, how to innovate and take the next step, following behavior patterns in the industry, storytelling structures, cultural and trendy archetypes. He brings something super valuable for Lemon to the table,” commented Billy Rovzar, CEO of Lemon Studios.

He assured that this year Lemon´s main goal is to develop their own content to have products that are tailored to the needs of their clients, who are now more demanding. “Our strong point had always been development and we became producers out of the need to produce our own things because that differentiates us and gives us a competitive advantage,” he ended.