Billy Rovzar, CEO of Lemon Studios

Lemon Studios: Cinema offers television its production quality

Aliana González, Mexico City|02 de enero de 2018

Billy Rovzar, Lemon Studios CEO, explained the difference between producing for TV and for cinema, considering the company started as a film production company.

“It isn’t just the size of the screen that changes. Cinema is very simple, it is only three acts, you introduce your character, get it into trouble and then solve the problems. In television, the aim is for the story not to end, a series can last seven seasons, it doesn’t have to end, and that is very strange, to leave the storytelling open,” said Rovzar, after commenting that what cinema offers television is its production quality.”

“At the end of the day, it continues to be the same three-act structure, but we cannot ignore the fact that, if you are not careful if you don’t understand that television has no end, you can get into trouble by adding too much water to the soup,” said Rovzar.