Rovzar states that the Emmy shows the potential in Mexico and in Latin America

Lemon Studios: Next year we will have 400 hours of production
14 de diciembre de 2017

PRODU inaugurated a new space, #VisitaPRODU, and received Billy Rovzar, CEO of Lemon Studios, in their offices in Mexico City. Rovzar brought the Emmy granted to Sr. Ávila, in an exclusive interview with PRODU, before their media tour with the award.

“After 45 years, the Emmy arrives in Mexico. This is a very important message to the world, for the people who are making content to understand that it is available for everyone, and that it is not a destination, it is a path. There is a very strong emerging industry. In Latin America, we have the potential to compete at an international scale, and above all with the US,” he said, after commenting that in January the 4th season of Sr. Ávila will be available.

Sr. Ávila was born from the alliance with HBO, and represents a different way of making television,” he stated, after commenting that the advantage of working with HBO is that it forced them to be more demanding, because they always risk more. “It is wonderful partner; the Emmy is theirs, too.”

Rovzar said that they attempt to innovate with each project, and improve more and more: In 2017, they made 200 hours of production and in 2018 are going to make 400. He highlighted the relevance of counting on a great team and having partners such as W Studios, from whom they have learned very much about making television. “If you get together with very intelligent partners, you must learn from them,” he said, after highlighting that more than egos, this is a collaborative industry.