Billy Rovzar, producer and CEO of Lemon Studios: More than doing projects for a platform, we have a real partnership with them

Lemon Studios: Our relationship with ViX+ goes beyond with slate of projects
Aliana González, Mexico City|30 de marzo de 2022

Billy Rovzar, producer and CEO of Lemon Studios, feels very proud of their alliance with TelevisaUnivision's ViX+ platform, with whom his company will be developing four projects that were announced this week. He highlighted the fact that it includes “a project slate”, and not just one show.

“The most beautiful thing is that more than doing projects for a platform, we have a real partnership with them. With Vincenzo (Gratteri) who is the head of development we recently talked about the upcoming projects. I think we are going to be doing about five projects a year and nothing excites me more than providing content to the Latino market on a platform with such quality as ViX+”, he said, after noting the special relationship that the ViX+ team has with the creative community, which is based on trust.

Rovzar said that almost from the beginning they’ve been talking to the ViX+ team, with Rodrigo (Mazón) and Augusto (Rovegno), before it was called ViX+. “There was a lot of good vibe on both sides. It gives us great pride that they have trusted Lemon as one of their main content providers.”

La Loca de Los Perros will be the first reality show they will be doing. “We want to make this type of content, but we will make realities with a purpose. We believe that this genre is a great opportunity to show a beautiful reality that gives hope, as is the case of this devoted woman (TV host Erika Fernández), who wakes up each morning thinking about how many puppies are lost and inspired to join her crazy cause, for which she lives, breathes and barks,” Rovzar said. He explained that Erica Sánchez, Lemon's VP of Production, who is a friend of Fernández's and also passionate about rescuing dogs, was the one who proposed the project.

Regarding the kids’ horror film, Mi Maestra se Comió a mi Amigo, Rovzar explained that it is a niche that is not covered by anyone. “ViX+ will become a pioneer in offering this type content, which we believe can be used for many films, in which terror is managed from fantasy, so the film can be seen by any child or girl, with or without the company of her parents,” he said, after he assured joking that after seeing this movie “children will learn to respect their teacher.”

The film is about Tomás, an 11-year-old boy who is fond of horror and fantasy literature and must figure out if his teacher is a child-eating monster about to attack his entire school. The movie is in the middle of filming and Rovzar estimates that although he does not yet know when it will be released, he believes it will be soon. It is the debut feature by José Sierra, who according to Rovzar "is a crack" and who brought the project together with its writer, Ricardo Avilés. Ilse Salas has the leading role.

As for the series, both are in development. Avilés is part of the writing team of No eres tú, son mis Daddy Issues, the first project of Mariana Hernández Rezkala, who is the creator. The other series, with the provisional title Un Buen Divorcio, is an original idea of Rovzar and soon they will be announcing the writers' room.