Carlos Quintanilla

Lemon Studios: The showrunner amalgamates the tone of the writer, director, and producer

16 de agosto de 2019

The first promotion of the certification program El ABC del Showrunner taught in Mexico City, graduated after a year of training, guided by Lemon Studios. A total of 18 filmmakers will go out into the industry with a comprehensive awareness of the audiovisual work, focused on raising the quality of Latin American productions, from a role that "amalgamates the tone of the writer, the director, and the producer", as expressed by Carlos Quintanilla, who leads the education program.

“We are very excited about this first generation after a training effort. The showrunner is the person in charge of conceiving the idea and accompanying it from the writer’s room all the way to its final production. In Latin America, we are used to the al triumvirate comprised by the writer, the director, and the producer, but the makes sure that all the details are taken care of."

The certification course is delivered in alliance with Centro and the second generation will start training in September. The program includes production, laboratory and budget management classes. “The idea is for students to understand production values from the script, and so they can know what values can be sacrificed from a budget perspective, and which ones cannot. Having comprehensive awareness to run a show is something the field needs. The industry can approach us and we can recommend the best people," said Quintanilla.

Registrations are about to close, but those who are interested can learn about the process at There are only 20 spots.

“Even though there are directors that perform the role of showrunners, we are starting to do it with this figure who manages to put everything in order, because platforms are very demanding. This has worked very well in other latitudes and we must manage to have this leadership in the region because many mistakes are made in shootings that the showrunner can avoid," he added.