Billy Rovzar, producer and partner of Lemon Studios

Lemon Studios: We are making content for YouTube

Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|22 de septiembre de 2017

Billy Rovzar, producer and partner of Lemon Studios, assured that they are developing programs especially thought for their YouTube channel. And although he stated that they don’t aim to become youtubers, he maintains that the platform offers them a perfect space to share their experiences and help train new talents.

“It is a way to say what we would have liked to receive at some point, to contribute and return what we have learned. They are mini classes, with topics that our team asks us about, for example, what you can find in a script or how to determine if a production is going all right or not,” he assured.

Aside from Rovzar, Alexis Fridman and Alejandro Lozano also participate in the videos, sharing their knowledge on the different areas linked to the production. The topics available include Most Influential Scriptwriters, Dealing with Writer’s Block and Learn From Our Mistakes.

Along with these videos, the team has more ideas for programs: the first are master classes on specific topics; the second is If Blockbuster Were Still Alive, in which they interview industry personalities about their movie recommendations and, lastly, Cinco Minutos de Fama, in which celebrities must narrate in five minutes, their road to success.

“We think it is very valuable content and it is going to be available on YouTube, except for the classes, which we are still planning how and where we are going to deliver them. We will probably charge a symbolic fee for the classes,” he added.