Billy Rovzar, co-founder, CEO, and producer of Lemon Studio
Lemon Studios: We have five horror films and a comedy
26 de abril de 2019

Billy Rovzar, co-founder, CEO, and producer of Lemon Studios, assured that the Mexican audience wants to go to the movies to be frightened or laugh and that is why for this year they are developing five horror films and a comedy.

“Our first horror film, Kilómetro 31 (2007), was a hit. We reached 3.2 million viewers and now hope to exceed this record," stated Rovzar. He said that in these products of the genre, they will have different talents, both behind and in front of the cameras.

On the other hand, he announced that they bought the rights for the romantic French comedy, Priceless, that was played in the original version by Audrey Tautou. “It is a funny movie about the price of love. The script is ready.”

Rovzar highlighted that Lemon Studios continues contributing to the training of new talents in the audiovisual field. Along with related contents on the company´s YouTube channel, they already opened the second module of the showrunner certification in the Centro higher education institute, with which they achieved 100% of reinscription.