Fernando Rovzar, director and producer at Lemon Studios

Lemon Studios: We want to fill platforms with films
13 de septiembre de 2019

According to Fernando Rovzar, director and producer at Lemon Studios, the high demand of series separated them for a few years from the development of feature films, that now concentrates part of the production company´s goals. 

“We are not leaving aside what we have been doing with Netflix, W Studios and Televisa. But we want to fill these platforms, that are our main clients, with films as well.” The recent success of Mentada de Padre, that has a great box office and continues in movie theaters in Mexico, backs this strategy of betting on cinema.

They have projects for three other horror productions: Quieres Jugar, Amarre and Animales Humanos. “They are small films but with high impact that we are making production experiments with”.

They are developing a period film, set in the special year of 1969 in Mexico. “And we are also working on a pre-Hispanic story that is the greatest and most ambitious thing we have tried, and if everything goes well, this will keep us busy the next two years.”