Billy Rovzar, founding partner and producer at Lemon Studiosn

Lemon Studios: With La Piloto, the age of independent TV begins on Las Estrellas
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|23 de mayo de 2017

In an event with an airport environment, directors, producers and cast of the new Lemon Studios series in allliance with W Studios, La Piloto, starring Livia Brito, walked on a blue carpet. The series was launched on Las Estrellas Sunday, May 22 at 9pm and will be aired from Monday to Friday on this same schedule.

Patricio Wills, president of W Studios, Billy Rovzar, founding partner and producer at Lemon Studios, and Rosy Ocampo, Corporate Content VP at Televisa, were in charge of the presentation. They highlighted the good performance of this production in the US and the importance of creating alliances to generate products that can be on the primetime of networks such as Las Estrellas.

“One thing Pedro Torres told us was that we were opening the age of independent TV on Las Estrellas. The most important thing here are alliances. If you gather the experience of all the parts, it is the big leagues,” emphasized Rovzar.

According to Wills, success is a combination of work and talent: “Being on the primetime of Las Estrellas is historical, it is like a graduation. It is not a product, it is many of them. We have the support of Univision and Televisa to carry out between three and four productions per year, and that is what we are going to do and what we are doing”.

To end, Ocampo stated that this was a historical day, “because for a long time we have wanted to have Patricio on our screen, a debuting project, and that was in such a good team comprised by W Studios and Lemon Studios”.

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