Jorge Sastoque, creative producer and general producer at Lemon Studios

Lemon Studios: With La Piloto 2 we want to mark the difference in the production industry

Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|09 de marzo de 2018

After finishing the production of La Bella y Las Bestias, as well as Las Buchonas, Jorge Sastoque, creative producer and general producer at Lemon Studios, is now making the second season of La Piloto, series that assured to be part of the production and manufacturing line that is marking the difference in the industry.

"Second seasons are, always a challenge, more so when we've made a first product that has been very well produced. On this occasion, it will have more interesting action elements. It will continue with 80 episodes, that is the standard we are handling in our productions," commented the producer.

He highlighted the work done by Lemon Studios and W Studios, considering it 'risky': "We have achieved products that didn't exist on open commercial TV due to the high budgets they imply. We are in an interesting moment, with lots of projects on the table, seeking contents that compete with companies like HBO or Netflix".

Finally, Sastoque mentioned the work carried out with Las Buchonas, that will cover the topic of these women who accompany narcos, but in a humorous tone; and La Bella y Las Bestias, both in postproduction soon to be launched.