Leonardo Padrón

Leonardo Padrón, writer of W Studios´ Amar a Muerte: The entire production cocktail contributed to its success
Aliana González, Mexico City|13 de noviembre de 2018

“I feel immensely pleased with what has happened with the launch of my teleseries Amar a Muerte,” stated Leonardo Padrón, Venezuelan writer with 30 years of experience, in what can be considered his entrance in the Mexican and US territory through the big door.

“They are extraordinary numbers, even in Televisa, that greatly exceed the audience that had the previous product. And on the Univision screen what happened has great merit, because Univision's screen was a bit battered by Telemundo's offer, that has been very aggressive in the last few years," he said.

He recognizes that his traditional audience has been the Venezuelan audience and as a writer, he was used to the natives of that country and to writing with Caribbean terms. That is why this has been an interesting challenge.

He explains that Amar a Muerte was designed with a universal story that works in any market, "and obviously there is a strong connection with the vision the Mexican people have about the idea of death".

He says there are several keys to the production's success, he says: the plot, that along with telling a story about love, revenge, and redemption, explores the territory of the supernatural; a strong cast, with very natural and realistic performances, and context elements that add reality to the story, such as the occupation of journalism, as well as the way they handle the camera and the cinema-look.

“A great part of the success of Amar a Muerte is the addition of the elements it has, it´s the cocktail,” said Padrón.