Lucas Jinkis, founder and creator of Libero Media

Libero Media: Go Series already adds 200 thousand paid subscribers in Argentina, Peru, and Bolivia
Marcela Tedesco, Buenos Aires|18 de enero de 2019

Go Series is a web series OTT thought for cell phones and aimed at the young audience (16-25 year-olds). Born in Argentina together with Libero Media and Telecom, that launched it in June 2018 under the brand Personal Play Web Series. After, it extended to Peru (Bitel Series) and Bolivia (Viva Series).

The platform adds 200 thousand paid subscribers in Argentina (at U$S0,40 per week), Peru (US$0,20 per day) and Bolivia. Between February and April next year, they intend to launch it in Colombia, Central America, and Eastern Europe.

Go Series was born a year and a half ago, driven by three elements: the fact that short videos consume 50% of cellular data worldwide, the explosion of short, high-quality fiction (with episodes that last few minutes) and the lack of an exhibition window for those productions.

“It is interesting for a cell phone company because it allows offering a web series platform to most of its clients who are unbanked," commented Lucas Jinkis, founder and creator of Libero Media, the company that developed Go Series.

The OTT´s programming is nourished by web series from all over the world. The next step is the original productions. They already chose three production companies in Peru to make short fictions in that country and they will do the same in Argentina, together with the Incaa and local production companies.