PRODU: 28 years covering the advertising industry

Leaders of The Advertising Industry Share Their Vision of PRODU
29 de agosto de 2017

PRODU has been sharing the most important news in the industry for 28 years. We have grown very close to its leaders and are pleased to know that we are also part of their lives. In PRODU Y YO , great voices from the Hispanic and Latin American advertising markets say how they relate with PRODU.

On this occasion we shared with industry leaders such as Marco Cordero, Managing Director at UM Mexico; Rafael Barthaburu, Partner, Founder and Creative VP at Sparkling; Alonso Arias, Creative at Conill; Andrés Ordóñez, CCO at Energy BBDO; Ciro Sarmiento, CCO at Dieste; Karla Natareno, Regional Director for LatAm at Magna; Álvar Suñol, CCO at ALMA; Jean Charles Cabrol, CEO at Phd Mexico; Luis Miguel Messianu, CEO and Creative Chairman at ALMA; Jesús Benítez, Managing Director at Teads Mexico; Andrés Wolff, Creative Director and Founder at Underdog; Sergio Kessissian, CEO at IPG Mediabrands Mexico; Annika Blockstrand, Managing Director at Initiative Mexico; Matías del Campo, General Director at DDB Mexico; Esteban Sacco, Founding Partner and Creative General Director at Sparkling; Sebastián Arrechedera, CCO and Founder at AC mcgarrybowen; and Rafael Urbina, Chairman and CEO at Vix.

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