Shakira and JLo in the Super Bowl

Multiculturality Stands Out in Super Bowl Halftime Show But Not in Market Leaders’ Ads
03 de febrero de 2020

After Super Bowl LIV was played on Sunday, February 2 in Miami, industry leaders shared their opinions of the event on social media.

Lizette Williams, Senior Director of Brand and Content Strategy at McDonald’s U.S., asked, “Do you still wonder if cultural diversity is part of mainstream American culture? Starring in the most important event on the biggest stage of American culture, the Super Bowl, were J.Lo, Shakira, Bad Bunny and J Balvin…English and Spanish speakers, American culture.”

According to Isaac Mizrahi, Co-President and COO of Alma, that halftime show made it virtually impossible to understand why some advertisers still don´t believe in marketing to U.S. Hispanics.

“They deny that Spanish is an integral part of their culture, they refuse to accept that speaking Spanish is more popular than ever among the younger generations, nor have they grasped to what extent minority segments are shaping the market," Mizrahi said.

Regarding the quality of the ads, Alonso Arias, Founder and Creative Director of the non agency, felt that “in this Super Bowl it was more important to have a great celebrity than a great idea. There were a couple of exceptions, but nothing very surprising.”

Ramon Lagurta, Chairman and CEO of Pepsico, greatly enjoyed being in Miami for Super Bowl LIV: “The energy here is amazing and the Pepsico team is moving forward with all its might. Plus I couldn’t wait to see the game and the exciting halftime show with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.”

Donnie Broxon, CEO of Acento Advertising, added that the halftime show extended across all cultures and ages in a sexy, empowering way. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira made the stage theirs as they intertwined influences from Puerto Rico, Colombia, Lebanon, New York, Miami and Hollywood in a uniquely American way.