Carmen Larios, SVP Multiplatform Content at Lifetime Latin America

Lifetime: We are strengthening our team in Mexico to produce local content
Aliana González, Mexico City|29 de agosto de 2019

Carmen Larios, SVP Multiplatform Content at Lifetime Latin America, said that she recently moved to Mexico because they want to give the channel a twist, strengthen the team, look for local talents and stories and produce much more original content from that country. “Lifetime is a young channel and the transformation we are giving it when we are about to celebrate our fifth anniversary, is working more with local talent," she explained.

Historias Reales,
recently launched last Wednesday, August 14, hosted by the Mexican journalist Adela Micha, is part of this strategy. She stated that with the collaboration of Micha not only will they have the programs—with the context she is going to offer—, but they are also making capsules for networks, for the app, all with a 360 vision.

She added that the effort they are making is because Mexico is the most important country for them and they want to see that reflected on the projects they make. "This is going to translate into more projects made in Mexico, by Mexicans. This is the country that has the biggest distribution and we are working on new strategic alliances. It is a key market for us," she pointed out, after commenting that they are in conversations with several production companies, in long and short projects they will launch in 2020.<>