Liliam Hernández with two of her children: Juan Pedro and Anaelis, during the celebration

Liliam Hernández of Universal Cinergía: Our offices in Rio de Janeiro are the largest of the group with 14 recording studios
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|20 de mayo de 2022

The sixth office of Universal Cinergy Dubbing, which is opening in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, will be the largest of the group to date, according to Liliam Hernández, CEO.

“Our new facilities in Rio de Janeiro are going to be the largest of all. With four stories of a building where we will have 14 recording studios, mastering, quality control, 5.1 and 7.0 mixing studios; we are going to have everything we need; our own translators. It's amazing how much the market has grown. Of the five languages we work with, Spanish and Portuguese are the strongest, the ones that are at the forefront,” she explained.

Hernández thanked all of her clients “who are not clients anymore, but also friends. At this stage of my life, where I have been in the industry for 42 years, they are my friends, and more and more are knocking on our doors. That is why we have decided to continue growing in order to satisfy all the needs they have. To collaborate with their success that at the same time is our success. I feel moved by these 10 years, of challenges, successes, of a synergy between my partner and I, and that is why we are where we are now, that is why I wanted to celebrate it. I feel satisfied, happy, and thinking about continuing working in order to reach our 20 anniversary,” she concluded.