Liliam Hernández

Liliam Hernández: Universal Lab, sister company of Universal Cinergía, turns 20 in 2014

Marcela Tedesco|26 de julio de 2013

In 2014 Universal Lab will reach its 20th anniversary. This is the company that just over a year ago spun off Universal Cinergía Dubbing, dubbing and subtitling company led by Liliam Hernández and her partner Gema López. "Universal Cinergía Dubbing was founded in 2012, although we were dubbing for about eight years through vendors. Now we have our own company with six recording studios and a highly qualified team of professionals,” said to PRODU Liliam Hernández, President of Universal Cinergía and a 33-year veteran in the industry. She pointed out the company took off thanks to the dubbing work conducted for the successful Telemundo production La reina del sur.