ANA's AIMM Teams Up With Nielsen And Media Framework To Launch Long Awaited List Of Minority Owned Media And Provide Understanding Of Investment And Reach
01 de octubre de 2021

ANA's Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM), Nielsen and Media Framework announce a collaboration aimed at increasing investments in multicultural and inclusive-owned media (African American, Asian, Hispanic, LGBTQ and People with Disabilities) to help brands and agencies measure their investment and impact on multicultural and inclusive-owned media and the communities these represent.

On October 8th, during the ANA Masters of Marketing Conference, AIMM will release the most comprehensive and validated diverse-owned media list in the industry, created by Media Framework via its database of media vendors - MAVEN. Paired with this list, AIMM and Nielsen are also releasing a new "Diverse Owned Media Planning and Investment Guide" - free to the industry - that will include profiles and aggregated metrics of diverse-owned media on TV, radio and digital platforms with their related audience descriptions, estimated reach, gross impressions and more.

The partnership aligns with ANA AIMM's vision for the industry to #SeeALL and its commitment to increase the visibility of diverse-owned media across national, local and cable TV, radio and digital entities. The resources will also allow marketers and agencies to discover and build partnerships with diverse media companies.

"Together, we are creating a more equitable playing field by bringing greater visibility to all players in the industry, providing valuable data to advertisers and connecting brands with the diverse-owned media in which so many of them have pledged to financially invest," said Lisette Arsuaga, Co-Founder of ANA AIMM. "It's time the industry invests in engaging multicultural and diverse audiences who are key to business growth. That effort cannot be maximized without investing in both diverse-owned AND targeted media."