Juan Maldonado, CEO of Litopos

Litopos: We will take Mexican wrestling to all Latin America
19 de abril de 2016

Juan Maldonado, CEO of Litopos, spoke with PRODU about the Mexican market and the productions they have made or are developing. He said they would make a reality show he rated as their star product, to take Mexican wrestling to all Latin America. “After our alliance with 3LX, we have the rights of the Triple A league”, he explained. The list of productions that Litopos develops is large and their clients include Sony, Discovery, Televisa, MTV and more recently, NBCUniversal. “We did the last three seasons of Mexico´s Next Top Model for Sony. We´ve made productions for Discovery, such as Desafío Fashionista. With Televisa we´ve had an excellent experience with three formats: with Karaoke Canta y No Te Rajes, with which we made a three season co-production; we did four seasons of Vas Con Todo, a very fun project for Canal 5´s PM slot; and Zona Ruda, a very successful format that had three seasons. Now we have a new client, MTV, for whom we did Acapulco Shore, a complete success across all Latin America, so much so that we are halfway through the production of the third season”, he commented. They also made the second and third season of Discovery´s El Desafío de Buddy Latinoamérica that did very well in the Mexican market. “This product had great impact in the US Hispanic market. Now we are working with a new client, NBCUniversal, under the direction of Klaudia Bermúdez and specifically with Karen Barroeta”.