Livia Brito stars in La Piloto
Livia Brito, current star of Televisa´s miniseries Por Siempre Joan Sebastian, will be the main actress in La Piloto, a W Studios production for UniMás
12 de julio de 2016

The actress Livia Brito, current star of the miniseries Por Siempre Joan Sebastian (18x60'), a Televisa production aired by Univisión at 10pm, will be the main actress in La Piloto, the first W Studios production by Patricio Wills that will be shot in Mexico. La Piloto, written by Jörg Hiller, (Tiro de Gracia and Porque el Amor Manda), will be aired on UniMás at the end of 2016. La Piloto is inspired on real-life events. It tells the story of Yolanda, a girl who dreams about being a pilot. Fate grants her her wish, but the girl ends up flying small airplanes that take drugs to Mexico, Colombia and Central America. John Lucio, her boyfriend and former flying instructor, betrays her to avoid going to jail. Yolanda seeks revenge and tries to control the drug pushing business.