Alicia Villarreal, Lolita Cortés and Víctor García will be the judges of La Academia Kids
Lolita Cortés of Azteca: La Academia Kids provides music education to new generations
31 de julio de 2014

Azteca announced Alicia Villarreal, Lolita Cortés and for the first time, Víctor García, will be the judges of the music reality La Academia Kids, which premieres on Sunday August 16th at 8pm. Interviewed by PRODU, Lolita Cortés said this is a show that provides music education to kids and showcases the young talent in the country. “It’s a family show, where we clearly prove there is a lot of talent in Mexico, and I’m thrilled to again be part of this project that teaches music to the new young generations in Mexico. From my role as a critic and judge, I want to make my small contribution to the future career of these kids,” said Cortés. Villarreal and Cortés will be judges for the second time, while singer Víctor García, graduate of the first class of La Academia, joins the reality for the first time. Ingrid Coronado and Carlos Arenas will host the show, and producer and composer Kiko Campos will be the director of the house of La Academia Kids. Mariana Torres will continue to be backstage, showing everything the contestants do when they are not performing.