One of the original comedies is Los Protectores, produced by Kapow in Buenos Aires and starring Adrián Suar

Los Protectores, Máscara contra Caballero and How to be a Carioca among the Star+ comedies
25 de junio de 2021

Star+ platform will be presenting a group of comedies that include the series El Galán; La TV Cambió; and Él No, starring Humberto Zurita, Sebastián Zurita, Sara Maldonado and Ana Claudia Talancón and carried out in Mexico City by Estudios Teleméxico. Also, Los Protectores, produced by Kapow in Buenos Aires and starring Adrián Suar, Gustavo Bermúdez and Andrés Parra, was written and directed by the Argentine screenwriter, film and television director, Marcos Carnevale; Máscara contra Caballero, produced in Mexico City and developed by BTF Media; and How to be a Carioca, written and artistically supervised by Carlos Saldanha, the series is based on the homonymous best-seller, filmed in Rio de Janeiro and produced by Moovie.

In biopics: Pancho Villa; El Centauro del Norte; Or Rei da TV; Coppola; El Representante; series about the story of María Bonita (title to be confirmed) and Ringo.

In docurealities, the new season of Bios: Vidas que Marcaron la Tuya, with new episodes dedicated to Andrés Calamaro -whose story is guided by the Argentine singer Nathy Peluso-; Mercedes Sosa -with a story guided by the singer Abel Pintos-; Aterciopelados -with the guided tour by Li Saumet, singer of the Bomba Estéreo group-; the bands Titãs and Os Paralamas do Sucesso; former soccer player and coach Hugo Sánchez; and actress Sofía Vergara.

At the same time, a new season of the original Alerta Aeropuerto production is in development.

More details on ESPN's adult animated content and sports show offering coming to Star+, as well as a split subscription price and of the attractive commercial offer combined with Disney+, will be released shortly.