FIAP Face to Face Webinar: Advertising’s uses and abuses analyzed by top creatives of the region
14 de junio de 2022

Cesar "Checha" Agost-Carreño, founder and CCO of Founders; Mike Arciniega, founder and VP creative of Archer Troy; Aldo Quevedo, founder and CCO of BeautifulBeast, and Alejandro Gomez, VP creative of Fantastica, discussed on the FIAP Face to Face Webinar the limits of data, its influence on the creative process and what is the real role of the advertising industry in the “illusion of consent” we live in.

For Checha, it’s important to see the positive side of the data tools currently used by the industry. He said that while their use entails an enormous responsibility, we can’t deny the progress achieved: “The experience has improved in terms of segmentation, and now we receive far less unnecessary or irrelevant advertising,” he said.

Along that line, Mike Arciniega added that the development of campaigns based on solid information makes them more efficient and avoids flooding with messages members of the public who don’t need them. “It’s our responsibility to always take that little extra step to understand the message from the user’s point of view.”

For his part, Aldo Quevedo noted that one challenge for the industry is to see the world as a consumer and be aware of how exaggerated a message can be that continues to hound people even after acquiring the product. “The data is never means more than the ideas. Remember Vega Olmos insisting that numbers will never beat letters.”

Which is something Alejandro Gomez agrees with. According to the Colombian creative, the agency is in the process of “getting back to basics,” since, he said “sometimes too much information piles up and, after analyzing it, one of the most frequent conclusions is that to reach the final idea, it’s more efficient to use common sense rather than lists and more lists of data.