Francisco Sánchez

Videogames Are the New Mainstream: Francisco Sánchez from Zubi
28 de septiembre de 2020

The world of videogames has been one of the sectors that has grown the most during the pandemic, as well as in other crises, such as the financial one in 2008, explained Francisco Sánchez, Creative Director of Zubi.

“Videogames have become the mainstream. Several brands are starting to put their products in the game" adds Sánchez.

Although gaming offers a range of opportunities to brands, they must take certain conditions into consideration, such as the need to be more subtle, integrated and in tune with the game. "The gamers community is very sensitive. There are many opportunities, but it is another media that needs a different type of treatment".

“Videogames are much more conservative when it comes to spending, than going out to the movies every weekend" says Sánchez.

The esports world is another investment niche for advertisers. "In the US, it is starting to gain traction and there is a huge brand opportunity, sponsors for athletes, teams, leagues, shows, etc., as well as all the events that revolve around esports”.

Francisco Sánchez´s statements were made for the monthly report of Fast FWD September 2020: E-sports and Gaming- The New Business Space.