Bentivoglio began in the industry 36 years ago

Luca Bentivoglio leaves LATV after 11 and a half years
11 de julio de 2019

After almost 12 years, Luca Bentivoglio has left LATV. Bentivoglio began in the industry 36 years ago.

He started his career at the WNJU (Channel 47), with Carlos Barba and in the network SIN in New York. He was a producer and independent host for Univision in times of Joaquín Blaya. Additionally, part of his career was as an executive in Telemundo and in Warner Channel as a manager for Latin America, as well as in Educational Adventures Internacional, Latino Public Broadcasting.

In LATV he was the Head of Programming and its COO, supporting the channel´s programming aimed at bilingual and bicultural audiences, as well as embracing the total market model.

Bentivoglio boosted important agreements such as the ones achieved with Mitú, People and Entravision Radio, and the alliance with Pulpo to generate branded content. He was a key in the generation of content dedicated to millennials and the launch of the first original weekly talk show in English for the LGBTQ Latin community, titled Glitterbomb, seeking to be more inclusive and cater to diverse and alternative audiences, which for Bentivoglio is an essential part of the market, since we live in a multicultural world. Likewise, he emphasized the channel´s digital direction through the launch of a digital platform.