Luca Bentivoglio, COO, LATV

Luca Bentivoglio of LATV evaluates primetime schedule

Maribel Ramos-Weiner|06 de marzo de 2012

Luca Bentivoglio, COO of the Hispanic network LATV, is evaluating multiple propositions to reinforce the schedule of the network, particularly including some dramas he saw during the last Natpe in Miami Beach. “Our content is a mix between Mexican products that we’ve developed with the group Teko TV, Cadenatres, the group Multimedios de México, and the local production group in Los Angeles with which we do Esto es Insólito” Bentivoglio said to PRODU. Bentivoglio assured that he has a very good relationship with Cadenatres and Teko TV in Mexico, which he feels can possibly be developed more. “Working with Mexico is really important for a network in the US. The whole world knows that. I always say Cadenatres is our mini Televisa” Bentivoglio added. Bentivoglio also referenced the new open network MundoFox, which will be launching in US Hispanic. “I think MundoFox reinforces the facts that we are a lot of Hispanics, that we have an impressive market and that there is an offer and a demand” Bentivoglio said.