Paco Olavarrieta

d Exposito & Partners’ campaign helps Hispanics guard against pandemic with masks and more
01 de septiembre de 2020

The d exposito & Partners’ Lucha vs. Virus campaign encourages Hispanics to protect themselves against Covid-19. The ad agency’s CCO Paco Olavarrieta and partner/Managing Director Louis Maldonado spoke about the importance of this initiative during the FIAP Face to Face Webinar entitled On the Way to the Innovation Summit 2021.

“Hispanics have been the group most affected by Covid-19. They have felt the impact of the quarantine to a greater extent because they have fewer chances of working from home and are more likely to lose their jobs,” Maldonado said.

Messages about how they should cope with the pandemic have been contradictory with no unifying voice. “We wanted to provide an incentive to take action…we wanted to send a message to Latinos not to let their guard down. That's where our idea came from,” Olavarrieta said.

At first the campaign consisted of Facebook filters, later followed by two TV spots in English and Spanish plus web banners and print ads. It has now entered a phase of promoting lucha libre masks designed by the son of Mexican wrestler El Soberano.

“We distributed the wrestlers' masks to photographers and told them about the campaign and they are helping us portray Latinos who have been first responders like doctors and nurses, and so pay tribute to the true fighters against this pandemic,” Olavarrieta added.

Maldonado said they will be doing something special this September during Hispanic Heritage Month: “We are living in another stage that includes youngsters going back to school. We are ready to adapt the campaign.”