The MBCS team talked at Face to Face

Lucia Álvarez, Alita Pereyra and Francisco Galan of MBCS on Face to Face Webinar: Our content goes way beyond the conventional media ecosystem
Liz Unamo|17 de mayo de 2022

In the May 17 edition of Face to Face Webinar, Mara Fernandez, PRODU associate editor and senior director, explored the new Content list together with Alita Pereyra, executive creative director of MBCS Latin America; Lucia Alvarez, head of Digital Solutions, MBCS Spain; and Francisco Galan, head of MBCSColombia, with the presentation of such cases asPrimate by Amazon Prime in Colombia; mARadona: The homage of the century, byAmazon Prime Video in Argentina; and Samsung and Ibai Llanos in Copa Freestyle set in Spain’s metaverse.

“We work with our media teams and that makes us unique, because we also work under the same roof with content and creativity teams,” Alita said. “It’s a global community of content and creativity and we work together on different specialties. Every market has its own peculiarities and different forms of development, which means we’ll undoubtedly have different experiences and study different markets. It’s a consultancy that crosses borders.”


The MBCS culture was born with the vocation of challenging the rules for constructing content, so that working from a state of disruption is a given.

“Our content transcends the conventional media ecosystem, in order to win those surroundings whose presence the audience demands of us,” Lucia said. “Seeing the growth in the arrival of new players in the context of the metaverse and we see the soul of entrepreneurs. New contexts require new solutions that answer to how we MBCS see the connection of content with the new realities,” Lucia said with reference to the case of Samsung and Ibai Llanos in Copa Freestyle in the Spanish metaverse.

As for the Samsung/MBCS campaign, there were three key premises: understanding the narrative in the new context; working with the creators so they enjoy themselves, because this is a test of credibility in every one of its actions; and finally, integration of the brand.

“If we want to launch the essence of the product, if we want them to speak of us, we can’t continue using a conventional structure. Our philosophy was always that if we create an experience that is pure entertainment, we won’t need to ask anyone to talk about us, because everyone is going to do just that,” Lucia said about life in the Samsung metaverse.


It’s a challenge to stay up-to-date with technology, said Francisco about the Primate campaign for Amazon Prime. “We should be aware of all that technology does for us, and that it’s not far from creativity in terms of the data we need to cause an impact, and that the platforms help us put together advertising in real time that is more contextual and targeted. Which in the end makes people feel the message was created precisely for them.”