Luciana Cani, SVP and Creative Executive Director at LAPIZ

Luciana Cani from LAPIZ: We Are Working Less As Duplas And More As Teams
Liz Unamo|24 de enero de 2017

For Luciana Cani, SVP and Creative Executive Director at LAPIZ nowadays agencies need to attract young talents, because the new generation prefers to work in places like: Snapchat, Google, etc. “Advertising has more possibilities than ever, we can create our own media channel and we can promote awesome experiences to connect with consumers. The key point is to give the creatives the possibility to showcase their best in a supporting environment.”

She noted that the new generation is hybrid and can't be labeled, for instance, as Art Director or Copywriter, because they have more skills combined. “Agencies need to find space for these kinds of creatives, this will benefit the agencies and of course the clients as they will have the best creatives working for their brands.”

With six month as SVP, Cani has an empathy leadership style, which has enable her to recognize opportunities. “I get to know every element of my team before promoting changes. I understand the strengths of each creative and find the best projects for their skills. I truly believe that people are more productive when they are happy.”

She explained that as SVP, one of the first things she did was to promote structure changes, including: more collaborative ways to work and assembling a creative team with different skill sets. “We are working less as duplas and more as teams. We attracted creatives with different skills and now we assemble the creative team according to the client needs. The creatives have the opportunity to work with all our clients.”