Luis de Llano Macedo

Luis de Llano Macedo continues producing programs and musical series for Televisa Networks
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|09 de septiembre de 2016

After Televisa eliminated the position of VP for Musical Production in Televisa, that the producer Luis de Llano Macedo held for many years, he assured that this is due to the changes that are happening in TV, which include no longer having musical programs. However, he highlighted that he continues to work for Televisa Networks with the program SuSana Adicción, as well as with contents for Bandamax and he is already preparing musical series for this network.

He made these statements during the presentation of his book Expedientes POP, in which he shares his story in the entertainment industry and his departure from the role of VP for Musical Production at Televisa: “After having an executive role at Televisa for many years, this is over, because there are no longer musical programs. This was evaluated and they decided to close the position; however, Televisa Networks opened the doors for me to continue producing projects like SuSana Adicción and others for Bandamax, and additionally preparing new concepts of musical series,” he explained.

As for the changes that television is currently undergoing in Mexico, De Llano stated that “TV much like the rest of the world is changing. "The way it is made, sold and watched. Nothing surprises us, but this platform will continue to be a form of life. Now it is the time to transform it, because the audience’s demands are very big and now they don’t simply buy whatever you put on the screen. Today, there are more than 150 channels and digital platforms that lead us to think about a true reinvention."