Fernández: In 2010 Univisión reached many milestones in U.S. Hispanic TV

Luis Fernández of Univisión: 2011 will have many new projects

18 de enero de 2011

(Maribel Ramos-Weiner). This year, the entertainment division of Univisión and its production arm, Univision Studios, will continue generating original projects that will surprise Hispanic audiences. If in 2010 we amazed audiences with ¡Mira quién baila!, I can assure you that come December of this year I'll be talking about one or two, or three projects that will make history in U.S. Hispanic television in every genre. I guarantee there will be new big projects out Univision Studios in the entertainment area," said optimistically to PRODU Luis Fernández, president of Entertainment of Univision Communications and Univision Studios. He believes the new partnership with Televisa only brings positive things to both viewers and employees. "The relationship with Televisa improves our outlook at Univision Studios. We are inspired and have more ideas, more creativity, and we're stronger," added Fernández. The executive pointed out that last year, Univisión reached many milestones: the group had the best upfront in its history. They aired the network's most watched reality show (¡Mira quién baila!), the most watched telenovela in U.S. Hispanic television history (Soy tu dueña), and the highest rated Latin Grammy's and Premios Juventud. "This year viewers say Univisión is bigger than ever," added Fernández.