Director Luis Manzo reunites with Latin America in Como Tú No Hay 2

Luis Manzo: Mexico is full of creativity
Maye Albornoz|06 de marzo de 2020

The Venezuelan director Luis Manzo (former Telemundo) joined the team of directors of Como Tú No Hay 2, by W Studios for Televisa, and assures it has been a very intense "act of personal reengineering", but also very rewarding, to meet in Mexico with "charming creative processes", great evolution in audiovisual techniques and also a great deal of passion in the teams.

“For me, it has been rewarding to return to Latin America after so many years in the US. In Mexico, there is a great deal of creativity, of acting at first impulse, but also a great deal of discipline and work commitment. The progress of audiovisual development throughout the years has been amazing. I work with very young people and this has given me a new boost. Mexico additionally has an important cinema and TV trajectory. I see that here professionals are dedicated and committed to their work and machinery, that is gradually lost," stated Manzo, who has been in the field for over 35 years.

Manzó arrived at Como Tú No Hay 2, because he has a professional and personal relation with Patricio Wills, also with Carlos Bardasano and Aimee Godinez: “I trust Patricio Wills and Carlos Bardasano, and it is a great honor to work with them; as well as with Lemon Studios and with Televisa: the most important Spanish-language TV. This is very stimulating”. He has plans to continue in Mexico a bit more, although he currently lives between that country and Miami, due to family reasons. Mexico is “where the real action is,” he concluded.