Luis Silberwasser, president of Telemundo Networ

Luis Silberwasser of Telemundo: Telemundo´s ups and downs are over now that we endeavored to create an innovative and contemporary screen
30 de agosto de 2016

"We are redefining Hispanic TV: Telemundo´s ups and downs are over; the changes in Televisa follow the path we set forth; we have given women her real value, with no stereotypes, we are not seeking any managers for Telemundo Studios," are part of the statements given by Luis Silberwasser, president of Telemundo Network, in an interview with PRODU, when he is celebrating his second year in the network. "We set a goal: to transform Telemundo into a much more innovative, contemporary network; we are redefining what Hispanic TV is; we no longer have the feeling that Hispanic TV is of a lesser quality, our products are of a very high quality and address the Hispanic market, they are not imported, they are not from the US, they are products made for the Hispanic market,” he expressed in his Telemundo Studios office, which he has lead for six months, in addition to leading the network. He was clear in answering that they are not looking for a manager for the studios. "I have an extraordinary team, that is very capable, professional and is convinced of what it is doing. The people that are part of it feel very free to take risks and experiment and that can be seen on the screen,” he said, when referring to the studios’ current personnel, which has now been given more prominence. People such as “La Chata” Urbaneja in Production, Perla Farías in Development, and Mara Arakelian in Talent. "These have been two wonderful and extremely creative years,” he said about his time at the head of Telemundo.