Luis Guillermo Villanueva from Somos Next and Luis Villanueva from Grupo Somos

Luis Villanueva from Somos TV presented his son in Cannes as relay generation
07 de abril de 2017

Luis Villanueva, CEO and president of Grupo Somos, was with his son Luis Guillermo in Cannes, where he introduced him to the industry as relay generation. Ríchard Izarra, editor-in-chief of PRODU, interviewed the Villanuevas EN VIVO.

Luis Villanueva, Venezuelan executive and businessman with a long career path in the industry, spoke about what it was like to go from working in a big company to creating his own production and content company.

“I worked with the Cisneros group for 26 years and then started from zero. They gave me the experience, the knowledge, the network. I am very grateful with the Cisneros family. Later, I tried to surround myself with lots of talented people. I have been setting up something small,” said Villanueva.

Villanueva proudly said that the reason he is in Cannes is to introduce his son, a 27-year-old young man who has been working with him in Somos for two years. “My son is trying to place in digital, the things his father created in a traditional version. I am very satisfied.”

His son, Luis Guillermo, mentioned that his father had become his greatest professor and role model.

“I have been working in Grupo Somos for two years and a few months and we are already marching full steam ahead. I am fully comfortable with the company and the business,” he said.

Luis Guillermo studied finance and economy in Babson College, and worked in the Morgan Stanley investment bank for five years until he moved to Somos Next as COO.