M31Medios is led by Michelle Ragouth and Rodolfo Juárez

M31Medios: With our productions we have proven that science and culture also sell when told in a fun way

Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|10 de septiembre de 2015

History, Nat Geo, Discovery and Canal Once, are some of the the signals that have made use of the services offered by the Mexican production company M31Medios, led by Michelle Ragouth and Rodolfo Juárez. They expressed to PRODU their intention to continue generating original ideas that cover topics related with science and technology. Currently, they are developing productions for Canal Once and TV Azteca. "We decided to call the company M31Medios instead of Films, because we cover radio, TV, film and museums. We are differentiated because we generate content about science, technology, cultural heritage, geology, and biodiversity. The services we offer include production, post production, equipment rental and we sometimes sponsor productions. We have found a niche and proven that culture and science, told in a fun way, also sells”, explained Juárez. Regarding productions and recording formats, they highlighted the work carried out in México en la Edad de Hielo: “It is a series that marks a watershed in contents for the dissemination of scientific knowledge. Made with 3D digital animation, it measures up to the productions of any TV production company worldwide and it has already been sold to seven countries. We are currently developing the second season, under the sponsorship and in co-production with Canal Once. In it, we cover the megafauna of the Pleistocene. We are in the research stage. We already have four stories and hope to launch them in 2016. Offering no details, they announced that for TV Azteca they are developing a series that has to do with adventure and biology.