Rotter: The topic I will develop is the one in my book The 10 Commandments of Licensing

Maca Rotter from Televisa: In FIAP I will highlight the possibilities that licensing offers by appealing to audiences´ emotional links
Nastascha Contreras|23 de abril de 2015

Friday 23rd 24th, Licensing as a Marketing and Sales Tool will be one of the main topics that will be discussed in the 46th edition of the Ibero American Advertising Festival (FIAP). Maca Rotter, president of Promarca and general director of Televisa Consumer Products, told PRODU what topics she will cover as a lecturer. "The topic I will develop is the one in my book, Los 10 Mandamientos del Licensing (The 10 Commandments of Licensing), highlighting the universe of possibilities that the use of a brand opens up in any advertising and marketing strategy; the advantages it offers and the extension it gives a brand, whether it is a character or a celebrity, in any type of product that appeals to emotional links generated in the audience of all the markets associated to a brand or content", detailed the executive. The general director of Televisa Consumer Products explained that the emotional link provided by licensing generates a purchase impulse of one product as opposed to another, based on a clear differentiation in the sales point and the communication of any advertising campaign. She added that all brands can use this tool. Rotter, together with Gómez Fernández, son of Chespirito, producer and director of Programas Unitarios (Episodic Series) at Televisa, will offer key notions to the attendants so they can use this marketing and sales tool.