The campaign is made up of two pieces

Made México promotes Stabilo fine tip markers with humorous illustrations
Manuela Walfenzao|11 de junio de 2015

Made México created a nice graphic campaign for Stabilo markers, in order to promote their extra fine tip .88. The campaign is made up of two pieces. In both they play with the idea that weight has no importance when the contour is thin. One depicts a tower of thin girls drawn with a thick marker and on top of them is a bigger girl but drawn with an extra fine tip marker. The other shows two men in prison: the one that is inside the jail is made with thick lines and the other, who appears escaping from the prison, is made with the Stabilo .88. The campaign will be evaluated by the Cannes Lions 2015 jury in the category of Print. The idea was developed by: Cristian Rocha and Yosu Arangüena, CCOs; Sergio Sharpe and Fernando Sánchez, Creative Directors; Mariana Navarrete, Art Director; Ana Belén Sanz, Marketing Manager; David Sanz, General Manager at Jiss and Erich Schimmelfenning, photographer at Factory. Did you like this piece? Share your opinion with #PalpitandoCANNES and follow us on @PRODUPublicidad.