Magdalena Abreu

Magdalena Abreu of Admetricks: Regional ad markets rely on increasing amount of data + measurements
Cristian Vergara|25 de mayo de 2022

Magdalena Abreu, recently promoted to sales development representative at Admetricks, said her chief challenge during this new stage of her career will be to obtain greater visualization of all the solutions offered by the company, with particular emphasis on quoting how much the results it achieves can be worth to clients.

“In this changing context, regional advertising markets require ever more data and measurements in order to take the best decisions in adjusting digital programming. The main challenge is being able to pass along the benefits of having a digital monitoring system and keeping up to date with all that occurs on the market,” Abreu said.

And while the Covid pandemic deeply affected the global economy, it also led to the revelation of some best practices in the search for transparency in measuring systems.

“With our metrics, brands can know where, when and how the competition invests in digital advertising campaigns, and so are able to set benchmarks that guide their own marketing strategies. Knowing what the competition is up to is essential. The media, besides screening ad campaigns in real time, also let it be known which advertisers do not invest in them, so they can go looking for those very same opportunities on the market,” the executive added.

Magdalena was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, studied to be an actuary at the University of Buenos Aires and has always been excited about sales, dancing and eating chocolates. She began working with the family company at a very young age, went on to many different jobs and to developing new businesses. Later, during the Covid pandemic, she moved to Mendoza with her fiance and her pet dog. During that period she began working for the Spanish firm Growth Hacking as a business developer in Latin America.