Rodrigo Fernández, VP and general manager of MLB Mexico

Major League Baseball: This year we experienced in Mexico an increase of 5 million fans to reach 31 million
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|19 de octubre de 2017

The OTT platform OTT MLB.TV, focused on baseball, registered in 2017 a 5-million-fan increase in Mexico, reaching 31 million in total. In Latin America, they have around 70 million, while the rating of games grew 20% thanks to the marketing efforts made on the different platforms.

“At an international scope, this platform is very attractive, because we have more than 2,400 games per year and more than 10 thousand hours of content at affordable prices. It is a well-received product that we have been working on improving, and it places us as industry leaders in this field,” commented Rodrigo Fernández, VP and general manager of MLB Mexico.

The platform’s work and importance have been reflected in the different alliances they have found, being Twitter and Facebook two of the main ones: “We are doing things live for this and other platforms; however, we have an important amount of things to improve in the US and Latin America.”

He assured that they are not only present in these two regions, but that the platform has a worldwide presence, and that Asia, with countries like Japan and Korea, are an important source of income for the company.