Manolo Tapia, Programming director at NBCUniversal International Networks LatAm

Manolo Tapia from NBCUniversal: The brand SYFY's biggest attribute is its fans

Maribel Ramos-Weiner, Orlando|18 de septiembre de 2018

“Certain media has changed due to the influence of new consumption habits, there is a market that expands where the demand of science fiction is bigger and we have a harder challenge to overcome because it is spread across multiple platforms. However, SYFY remains as a unique channel because we have forged for a long time the science fiction element and fans are very loyal to this type of content. That is why we continue working with a view to being a channel of the future that greatly strengthens this genre, becomes an authority and the voice of the fandom,” highlighted Manolo Tapia, Programming director at NBCUniversal International Networks LatAm during his presentation.

Contents like Face Off, Dark Matter, Halcyon, Galáctica and the iconic Dr. Who, are some of the series that have positioned the channel in its genre. Looking ahead, the new bets are The Outpost, that already had its debut and has a second season confirmed for 2019, Magicians, StarTrek, Sharknado and the fourth season of Kill Joys.

Tapia presented SYFY Ya!, 52 episodes of three-minute news capsules that will debut on Mondays, with specific topics such as video games, technology, cinema, TV, and comics.

Another novelty was the SYFY Nights (films), with a host and the capsules of SYFY Games, 52, three-minute long episodes. They are also on Mondays.

“The integrations we are offering are very easy and organic. We are talking in the same language as the audience and the generation we are facing reads things differently. Sixty-four percent are of a high social and economic level, they are explorers, influencers, and technological; 40% of our audience is a game fan and it is a growing market," he said.