Marc Guldimann, Founder and CEO at Sled Mobile

Marc Guldimann From Sled Mobile: It Is Necessary To Apply The Right Kind Of Transparency

02 de septiembre de 2017

The Founder and CEO at Sled Mobile, Marc Guldimann wrote an article on MediaPost, in which he talks about the report the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) made on transparency and his call for it to be more robust between agencies and clients, especially regarding how and why agencies spend money with media suppliers. “The solution is right, but not the kind of transparency most are calling for” he said.

“Making agencies report credits and equity stakes may band-aid some short-term trust issues, but it doesn't get us any closer to a sustainable partnership. In order to improve the relationship between agencies and brands, we need an economic model and set of metrics that create alignment” he explained.

Guldimann said that the cost plus margin models, from which media agencies make a great deal of their profit, is a structure that isn't working for anybody. He explained there is an alternative that implies changing the cost-based model “in which everyone feels driven to the limit” to one based on value, where advertisers simply get paid for the amount of attention they get. “To get there we need a better way to measure the value of an ad” he said. They currently use impressions. But these tell advertisers little about the value they receive for their expense.

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