Marc Keating, Chief Innovation Officer at Stein IAS

Marc Keating From Stein IAS: AI Can Become The Next Major Step Forward In The Marketing Stack
06 de julio de 2017

Marc Keating, Chief Innovation Officer at Stein IAS wrote an article at ANA's website highlighting that artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to become the next major step forward in the marketing stack.

He explained that AI is a type of deep learning that allows computers and machines the capability to show human-like, intelligent behavior, so it allows marketers to anticipate a customer's needs better than ever before and to improve engagement and brand loyalty as a result. “AI embodies post-modern marketing in that this technology can actually make marketing more human” he said.

Keating said that AI is also happening much faster than expected. He mentioned that 62% of enterprises will use AI technologies by 2018, while 38% are already doing so, according to a Narrative Science report. “In fact, many B-to-B marketers have unknowingly embraced AI already, using marketing tech platforms with dynamic content and predictive applications to achieve more accurate insights into customer needs.”

“AI may well be a force that moves us into the post-modern era. It seems the question is not whether B-to-B marketing will be affected by artificial intelligence, but how far exactly these machines can go” he concluded.