Marc Pritchard

Marc Pritchard of P&G: If You’re Not Doing Multicultural Marketing You’re Not Doing Marketing
Manuela Walfenzao, San Diego|07 de noviembre de 2019

Procter & Gamble CBO Marc Pritchard feels that if you are not doing multicultural marketing, you are not doing marketing at all, and said at the start of the second day of the 2019 ANA Multicultural Marketing and Diversity Conference on Thursday, Nov. 7 in San Diego, that "we have progressed but we are not there yet."

He said that 17 out of 20 P&G brands are No. 1 or No. 2 in the multicultural category. “Our market share in multicultural markets has grown, but the gap to be closed and the opportunities to do so are enormous. Several of our brand communications achieve these goals in terms of reach and cultural relevance, but studies show we still have several brands that need to do better and address the unique needs of multicultural consumers. Electric shavers, for example. Gillette created a special one for African Americans called Skinguard, because it is better adapted to their skin."

Another P&G project was My Black is Beautiful that highlighted black beauty. “It enabled us to close the gap through communications. We have done a great deal in the African-American community, but still have a long way to go among Latinos and Asians. We need to work harder on this.”

Research conducted among African-Americans shows they prefer to be portrayed in an elegant, sophisticated way, with humor and showing how much they care they give to their appearance. He gave the example of the Old Spice campaign, Men Have Skin Too and its results, which have been excellent. Pritchard also showed the Secret campaign All Strength, No Sweat, which only uses music made by women.

“We must look for the prize in this market opportunity, be the best in terms of diversity, close the gap and join forces. Aim high to continue progressing towards greater growth and a better society,” Pritchard said.