Marcela Palomar from Grupo Chespirito speaks about the strategies for the group´s brands

Marcela Palomar from Grupo Chespirito: We are generating strategic alliences to expand Chespirito brands
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|02 de enero de 2018

Grupo Chespirito continues its independent expansion process in the licensing of the characters El Chavo and El Chapulín Colorado, so it will add alliances to generate content and strategies that live up to the expectations of new audiences, that total more than 14 million users in social networks.

“We understand the contents and the way the market we want to reach communicates today, that is why we know we must modify the strategies in order to be at the forefront and live up to the expectations of those new audiences. The pillars we have include the Consumption Products, with a team trained in the commercial direction, with custom-made strategies, with studios, creatives to achieve the best product, content, and service,” explained Marcela Palomar, general director of Grupo Chespirito.

This way, the group seeks to consolidate its relation with their clients in the territories where they are strongest, such as Brazil, the rest of Latin America and the US, through their alliances, like the one made with Google for the 45th anniversary of the first broadcast of El Chavo, as well as the gold button obtained on YouTube for more than 1.5 million subscribers and the launching of strategies with Xbox.

“We will also work together with agencies and innovation cells to test the findings we have had of our brands, as well as digital libraries where we can see the forecasts and trends to generate strategies in favor of clients,” she ended.