Marco Antonio Regil, host of the show

Marco Antonio Regil: Televisa´s Recuerda y Gana comes with an application for digital platforms
08 de septiembre de 2015

Recuerda y Gana is the name of Televisa’s new original format in co-production with Mark Burnet (creator of La Voz), that debuted last Sunday at 7pm on El Canal de las Estrellas in Mexico, produced by Eduardo Suárez, Virginia Ramírez and Yahir Vega, and which could eventually be taken to other countries. “It is a program that gathers four families. Each one has members from different generations who are asked a question about the 80s or 90s, that must be answered by one of the participants who doesn’t belong to that generation. It will first be launched in Mexico and will probably be sold to other countries”, mentioned the host of the program, Marco Antonio Regil. Regil announced that the program will come with an application for digital platforms where people can compete from their homes, “which will allow us to approach TV viewers even better”. To conclude, he talked about his return to Mexico, where the shootings are taking place, since “it is the country that opened the doors of international TV for me and now that I am celebrating 30 years of professional activity, I realize that I have a true passion for contest programs”.