Marco de la O

Marco de la O: El Chapo isn’t a narcoseries, it’s a political thriller
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|06 de marzo de 2018

The actor Marco de la O (Marco Antonio de la O Ríos) who plays El Chapo Guzmán in El Chapo, a Story House and Netflix production, said that the series –whose third season will be launched this year- “isn’t a narcoseries, it’s a political thriller".

De la O has participated in more than 16 telenovelas on TV, including Tanto Amor, Salomé, and La Loba. The first casting he went to was for El Chapo since he had previously always been invited to these productions.

“The challenge of this bioseries is that the character is alive, it is a real-life character. We are going to touch three decades: the 80s, the 90s and 2000. These three decades were very complicated. In the 80s we see a vigorous Chapo. In the second season, we see a Chapo who has turned dark and we also see a more family-oriented Chapo. And that’s what makes it interesting: he is a human being, he has colors in every hue: from the darkest to the lightest shade of white,” expressed the actor.

He adds that this production breaks with the pattern that the antagonist is bad and the main character is the good guy. “Part of the success of El Chapo is that it is well written, documented, directed, and acted. We must feel proud that television in this format is being made in Spanish, and that we can compete with series like House of Cards,” he ended.