Bocelli journeys over 200 miles on horseback along Italy’s historic Via Francigena

Marenzi & Associates will present The documentary The Journey: Andrea Bocelli at MIP TV
25 de marzo de 2022

Marenzi & Associates will be heading to MIP TV with The Journey: Andrea Bocelli (1x90’ and 3x60’), an inspirational musical documentary series following the beloved Italian tenor on a fascinating spiritual pilgrimage across Italy.

Showcasing world-class musical performances and intimate conversations, Bocelli journeys over 200 miles on horseback along Italy’s historic Via Francigena, an ancient road traveled by pilgrims for centuries. Featuring top recording musical guests including Tori Kelly, Michael W. Smith, as well as 2CELLOS, Matteo Bocelli, Katherine Jenkins, 40 Fingers, TAYA, with a special appearance from Pope Francis, among others.

The Journey realizes a dream that I have been cultivating for years: a pilgrimage on horseback and a testimony of returning to essential needs and values,” commented Bocelli, who is also executive producer.

“One of the shining moments in The Journey is the finale performance of Amazing Grace. Andrea Bocelli, Tori Kelly, Katherine Jenkins, all the incredible talent unite in a song that’s become an anthem in trying times,” mentioned Producer Tom Newman.

The Journey takes viewers on a lush pilgrimage to discover life's greatest joys,” added Gary Marenzi. “In a world beset by pandemic, war and uncertainty it is a reaffirmation to audiences throughout the world that peace, beauty, nature and art are what makes life worthwhile."

Executive produced by Andrea Bocelli and Veronica Bocelli, The Journey: Andrea Bocelli is produced by Trinity Broadcasting Network and Impact Productions. Co-directed by Gaetano Morbioli and Paolo Sodi.