Margie Bravo, Multicultural Strategist at Nestle USA

Margie Bravo of Nestle: Casanova//McCann Successfully Connects US With Our Audiences

22 de octubre de 2019

Margie Bravo, Multicultural Strategist at Nestle USA, rates the Hispanicize event as a unique platform for linking with other industry leaders in order to stay updated on market topics and trends, while at the same time being a modern way to reach young Latinos in the U.S.

“At Nestle we like to be able to grow with them. The portfolio has two parts: one of brands like Nescafe, La Lechera, and Nido that are growing with the Hispanic market - and the other for the new bilingual, bicultural means of communication,” Bravo said. “So we have to be very careful about what is going on with influencers, with everything to do with the Latino movement that embraces our brands, our culture, and to truly maximize our efforts, understanding exactly what is being said."

For a brand it is important to address the Hispanic market by working with specialized agencies, as Nestle does with Casanova//McCann. “It’s essential for our growth. With Casanova//McCann we have huge advantages, as we just saw on the panel with its CSO Will Pierce. What the agency does is apply cultural elements that a general market agency seldom knows how to handle and to truly put them at the forefront in terms of our advertising strategy."

She recalled how Casanova//McCann has several times been in charge of the Nescafe campaign featuring Ricky Martin: "It’s been very successful because it has managed to bring together those two parts of the culture with a brand attaching its evolution to that of a celebrity - he had at that same moment a connection with the growth and expansion of the Hispanic market - without losing the unique Hispanic culture, and thanks to Casanova//McCann, we’ve been able to connect.”